Amplifying Brand Presence and Election Victory for Oikko Porishod

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Oikko Porishod, a crucial team in BGAPMEA, lacked digital visibility for an election. Texort Digital swiftly built a website and social media presence, gaining 5,100+ Facebook followers, reaching 650,000 people, and securing 34,56 post-engagements in 15 days.

Their multi-channel strategy led to Oikko Porishod’s triumphant election win, solidifying their standing within BGAPMEA.

The Challenge

Oikko Porishod is a powerful team within a big organization in Bangladesh called BGAPMEA. BGAPMEA looks after companies that make and sell garment accessories and packaging.

Oikko Porishod was gearing up for a big election. 

However, their lack of online presence and social media visibility was hindering their ability to connect with their target audience effectively. Without a strong digital footprint, Oikko Porishod risked being overshadowed by competitors, ultimately impacting their brand recognition and election prospects. To achieve their goals of a significant victory and a strong brand image, they recognized the need for a holistic digital strategy.

This strategy would not only bolster their online presence but also facilitate engagement with their target audience, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and recognition

The Solution

Recognizing the need for an expert partner, Oikko Porishod entrusted Texort Digital, to lead their digital campaign. With an in-house team of seasoned professionals and decades of collective expertise, Texort Digital meticulously crafted a comprehensive strategy tailored to Oikko Porishod’s unique goals.

Creating an Online Presence

The first step was to establish a strong online footprint for Oikko Porishod. Texort Digital built a visually stunning and user-friendly website, providing a central hub for information and engagement. Additionally, they created a Facebook page and a YouTube channel, leveraging the power of social media to connect with the target audience directly.

Engaging Content and Amplified Reach Through

Texort Digital showcased its expertise in content marketing by executing a comprehensive organic and paid content strategy for Facebook and YouTube platforms over a span of 15 days. Crafting compelling and informative content, they captured the attention of the audience and fostered meaningful interactions. Within the specified time frame, Their Facebook page achieved extraordinary results:

  • Gained 5,100+ followers
  • We reached a staggering 650,000 people with promotional content.
  • Generated 34,56 post-engagements

Multichannel Approach

To further amplify their reach, Texort Digital employed SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing ensuring that no stone was left unturned in raising awareness about the election. This multichannel approach ensured maximum visibility and engagement with the target audience.


Texort Digital’s strategic and comprehensive digital marketing efforts yielded resounding success for Oikko Porishod. The increased brand awareness and social reach played a pivotal role in their election victory, with the majority of Oikko Porishod’s team members securing coveted positions within the BGAPMEA.

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