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texort digital content


We provide engaging and high-quality content to keep your target audience's attention glued to your social media platforms and website.

texort digital seo


Improve your website visibility with our SEO services to increase web traffic and conversions.

texort digital video

Video Creation

Our engaging video production services can promote brand recognition, boost sales, and bring in new customers to your business.

texort digital email marketing

E-mail Marketing

Increase your brand recognition and drive traffic to your website with our tailored email marketing services.


Are you looking for consultancy to help you grow your business and increase your revenue? Texort Digital is here to help.

texort digital support

Communication Support

In order to promote the brand's message to target audiences, we create and manage an efficient communication plan as part of our communication support service.

texort digital website development

Website Development

Let us help you build the perfect website for your business- from start to finish that will increase website traffic!

texort digital personal branding

Personal Branding

We can assist you in creating a personal branding plan that will make you stand out from the crowd.

texort digital marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

We can help turn your business around by creating a marketing strategy that fits your needs.

texort digital social media

Social Media Marketing Service

Increase your social media traffic and conversions and create a strong brand recognition with our efficient, effective social media marketing services

texort digital ad support

Ad Support

We understand the importance of effective ads, that's why we offer high-quality ad campaigns for your website and social media platforms at an affordable price.

Service Process

We’ll help you through the process of developing a digital marketing strategy that is focused on your goals once we decide to collaborate. Because as there is an old saying, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else”.

  • Opening Meeting: Bring your team and our team together so that we can agree on objectives, schedules, and spending limits.

  • Digital Marketing Evaluation: Determining your core audience, assessing your actions and words in light of those of your rivals, and investigating the methods used by your target market to find your products and services.

  • Strategic Plan: Delivery of our in-depth analysis’s results, which outline what has to be done to meet your objectives.
  • Communication Channel Selection: Establishing campaigns for each channel in accordance with your strategy goal.

  • Content Plan: Determine what content has to be produced, where it should live, and how and when it should be delivered.

  • Boosting communication: Construction of tracking methods, creation of automated campaigns, and creation of dashboards.
  • Pre-launch: Tests are done before launch to ensure that everything will function as expected once we press the launch button.

  • Execute Everything: Executing a campaign across several channels in accordance with the strategic plan.

  • Celebration: Enjoying the beverage of your choice as you mark your launch.
  • Track: Follow up on campaign execution to make sure the outcomes correspond to your expectations.

  • Measure: Measurement of the gap between our goals and what is actually happening.

  • Develop: Focusing on your best-performing channels and allocating your resources to obtain the most return on investment.

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We offer Social Media Marketing, Digital Media Buying, Video Creation, Consultancy, Personal Branding, Communication Support, Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing, Content Writing & Marketing, Web Design & Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So far Texort Digital have worked with many global and local clients. Stylopeak, Uddokta Hoi, Tourdei, Teesamurai, WEMAKEPRO, Pingpong, JRC Board, Toravinyo, SM Belal, Googly, Nurseist and Gearlaunch are just a few of the many clients we have worked with.

We offer Value-Based Pricing services. Check out our price section or give us a call to learn more about pricing.

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