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Project Background

Uddokta Hoi” is a pioneering platform dedicated to shaping the next generation of successful entrepreneurs with the potential to make a global impact. In a competitive e-learning landscape, Uddokta Hoi aimed to establish its brand, build trust among prospective users, and create a robust user base to foster interaction and growth.

The Challenge

Uddokta Hoi faced several significant challenges:

1. Establishing Brand Visibility: Navigating the crowded and competitive e-learning market to ensure Uddokta Hoi stands out.

2. Cultivating Trust: Building credibility and trust among potential users skeptical about new e-learning platforms.

3. Building a User Base: Attracting and retaining a substantial number of users to drive engagement and interaction.

Our Solutions

Texort Digital, leveraging its extensive experience and expertise, crafted a broad strategy to address these challenges effectively:

1. Strategic Paid Advertising Campaigns: We launched targeted paid advertising campaigns across various digital platforms to enhance Uddokta Hoi’s visibility and reach the right audience segments.

2. Effective Lead Generation Strategies: Utilizing data-driven lead generation techniques, we identified and attracted potential users, converting interest into actionable leads.

3. Leveraging Organic Social Media

 By creating and sharing engaging and relevant content across social media platforms, we built a community of prospective users and increased organic reach.

4. Compelling Content Marketing Initiatives

We developed a series of compelling content marketing initiatives, including blog posts, webinars, and success stories, to showcase Uddokta Hoi’s value proposition and build trust.

5. Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

 Through personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns, we nurtured leads, provided valuable information, and encouraged conversions and user engagement.


Our comprehensive strategy delivered outstanding results for Uddokta Hoi.

1. Registered Users: Uddokta Hoi successfully onboarded over 30,000 registered users, creating a dynamic and interactive user base.

2. Revenue Generation: In just two years, Uddokta Hoi generated an impressive revenue of 2.5 crore TK, demonstrating the platform’s strong market positioning and growth potential.

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